Will Smith’s Slap for 10-Year Ban from Oscars

We can all remember what we were doing while watching the Oscars this year – in fact, my friends and I were on FaceTime while looking at https://www.casinolounge.co.uk/, when the monumental thing happened. This year’s ceremony of Oscars Academy Awards will be remembered for one thing – the incident on the stage when Will Smith slapped the host Christ Rock after he had publicly made an unpalatable joke concerning Smith’s wife. It seems that the social media and newspapers were focused only on this issue while putting the latest film masterpieces, actors, film directors, and others under a great shadow. This incident definitely divided the public opinion and posed a moral dilemma: Is Will Smith’s act justified? What would others do in a similar case? Is Chris Rock partly to blame and did he exaggerate with his joke? Let us see a more detailed turn of events and their possible interpretations.

Can aggression be justified?

If one looks closely at the video on Will Smith’s slap, a reasonable person can see that Jada Pinkett Smith was not pleased with Rock’s joke and, as a result, she rolled her eyes. Her rolling eyes can be interpreted as an alarm to Will to do something about it and to protect her public reputation since she was publicly shamed during a direct Oscars telecast. Although violence shouldn’t be justified in any case, Will Smith’s slap can be regarded as an act of showing deep respect to his wife and an urgent need to protect her public reputation for the price of his own.

Did he behave like this because of his previous role?

Will Smith did apologize publicly to both the audience and his fellow nominees after the incident. The irony of the whole story lies in the fact that the same night he won the Oscar award for his role as Richard Williams, the father of Serena and Venus Williams. His words of apology made a reference to his role as father Richard who had protected the ones he had loved. Bearing in mind that Smith is a method actor, his behavior during the ceremony can be easily explained by this very fact. A method actor is the one who prepares for a certain role by taking the same role in his real life, which means the actor does not leave his role under any circumstances. Many actors talked about how difficult it is to leave the role once the film shooting is over, and they need several months and a lot of sessions with a psychotherapist to return to normal functioning.

Actions have consequences

As a result, Will Smith is banned for 10 years from the Oscars Academy Awards. This describes the whole incident as a one-sided story: does this mean Chris Rock won’t provoke anybody else to react in a similar way? Justice would be fulfilled if Chris Rock also suffered certain restrictions. On the other hand, one can question the whole organization and supervision of the Awards – is there anyone editing the scripts of hosts? Is anyone in charge of discovering possible offences written in these scripts? Who actually writes those scripts? The incidents like this do not happen because of one person becoming violent. It is always about the tiny steps in the background no one is paying attention to. Since Will Smith’s slap overshadowed all the other positive Oscar events, the Oscars Academy is experiencing its collapse and losing its audience’s credibility.