Which Football Club Has the Best Anthem?

Sports are known for having lots of fans. Fans make the sports, basically, at least in today’s world. Media attention, fans purchasing merchandise and traveling to see their teams and athletes play make a sport more or less popular.

Football is one of those sports that is very popular. Many football fans like betting on their favorite teams, making use of bonus codes and welcome offers along the way, like this BetBull Welcome Offer.

Football fans are also known to be passionate, particularly about their clubs. Clubs have anthems, which are sung during matches and times of joy, or sometimes even times of sadness. Here are some of the best anthems that football clubs are associated with.

Liverpool – You’ll Never Walk Alone

This has to be the most well known football anthem out there. It is a song originally written by Gerry and the Pacemakers, and it wasn’t until the 1940s that it was adopted by Liverpool fans. It was played at Anfield stadium during a match in the 40s and the fans thought that it was very catchy. That meant that the club had a new song.

This isn’t the only club that uses this song, but it is the best known one. Another club, namely Borussia Dortmund, also uses this song, and it can even be found in some video games, like FIFA 22, which should make Liverpool and Dortmund fans happy.

Galatasaray – Galatasaray Marsi

This song is very daunting and the opposition does not like hearing it. Its name means Galatasaray March, literally. It plays like a march and it tends to put the fear into the opposition’s bones. It is also a great anthem, from a chanting perspective. Fans love singing it and if it makes the opponents uneasy, the better.

AS Roma – Roma, Roma, Roma

Roma is one of those historic clubs that has been around for a while. You might have expected an anthem which dates back centuries, but no, the anthem is rather simple, with a relaxed beat. Not all anthems are rock powerhouses which shake stadiums down. It is a beautiful anthem, befitting a club with such a rich history. While it might seem like a poor choice for an anthem, it works just fine and even non AS Roma fans find it beautiful.

Manchester United – Glory, Glory Man United

Manchester United is one of the world’s most popular football clubs. In the Premier League, it has about as many fans as one would like. Some argue that Manchester is probably the most popular club in the world. Manchester isn’t the club that it used to be, the one everybody feared and was dominated by. Today, they struggle, but they still have their anthem, Glory, Glory Man United, which the fans regularly sing, because support is important at all times.

Wolverhampton Wanderers – Hi Ho Silver Lining

Jeff Beck is a very famous guitarist. He composed a plethora of amazing songs and among these songs, we can find Hi Ho Silver Lining, which is also the anthem of the Wolves. It is a popular song, meaning that a couple other clubs picked it up, such as Aston Villa and Sheffield United. 

These are some of the most famous football club anthems, and as to which one is the best, well, every fan likes their own the most.